Client Testimonials

We have used Garett’s services to not only buy a house, but also to sell one. He has great knowledge, experience, and promptness! I would not consider using another agent, since I believe his work ethic is like no other.

Danny & Monica Scorte

Garett was aweome to work with from start to finish. Even though I’ve been in the mortgage industry for several years I’m so glad I decided to enlist the help of a pro for the real estate side of things. The listings during our initial search were relavant to our criteria and Garett worked quickly to coordinate showings. When it came time to write a contract, the signing of documents was very easy-I think we used e-signatures for everything. My wife and I had tremendous pressure to get out of the rental we were in !and our purchase transaction had some delays due to property issues; however, Garett helped to keep us calm and informed every step of the way. The home we found was perfect for our family and a dream come true. Thank you Garett !!

Kirk & Harvest Moormann

My wife and I have had the pleasure of knowing Garett Chadney for 17 years. He has performed as ourReal Estate Broker for 16 of those 17 years. Garett has sold three of our homes and assisted us in the selection and purchase of five, one of which we live in currently and have had for the past eight years. M ywife and I cannot say enough about the service Garett provides as our broker. Our opinion is that there isno better agent available. Some of our homes were not the easiest to purchase due to the always varying reasons but Garett always pulled us through with exceptional results. We have referred Garett to a great number of our friends and everyone that has used him has always been astonished by his dedication and drive to produce the best results. Garett will always be used by my wife and I for all of our real estate transactions and wish Garett the best of success in his continued growth.

Lance & Susan Fisher

In my medical practice and personal life I keep extremely busy and seem to have a chronic stack of mail and paperwork that is overwhelming. As a result of that, it is rare that I feel strongly enough about an issue or person to add to those demands. It is equally rare that I have the opportunity to work withsomeone who handles himself as professionally, efficiently, and sincerely as Garett Chadney. I am just now in the process of closing on a property on which Mr. Chadney represented me. Along the road to closing there have been numerous obstacles and booby-traps that had I been working on my own, or with a less knowledgeable or energetic representative, the negotiations would have surely broken down. In short, Mr. Chadney has been pivotal for the success and consummation of this real estate purchase. Hadthis fallen through my losses would have been significant. Somewhere between $60,000 to $80,000. Mr. Chadney has been an excellent representative for your profession. He is a man in whom I have a great deal of faith and I look forward to following his career as the years go by.

Dr. Jon Fitzgerald

I have worked with Garett Chadney in the past on two different transactions, and both were very positive experiences. In both situations, each involving very different circumstances, I was very impressed withGarett’s professionalism, courtesy and commitment to his clients. The first experience we had involvedGarett helping us find a new home. The process took about 11 months, due to the inability of us to sellour home (in another state with another Realtor). Throughout the 11 months, even at times when we didn’t have any offers on our home, Garett never once seemed disinterested in showing homes for us. He was always helping locate new listings and was very flexible with our schedule in order to show the homes for us. On the other hand, the second experience was in selling a home. This transaction wasmuch quicker, but it had its own set of difficulties. Garett displayed professionalism throughout some verytense, emotional and trying circumstances that were no fault of his own. He never once lost his cool andwas very patient throughout. The house sold quickly at a price higher than we thought we could get. Inmy experience with Realtors, I haven’t worked with anyone that compares to Garett. Therefore, I willcontinue to refer any friends or family that I know to him. I feel comfortable doing this since I know that they will be getting a committed, professional agent that is very personable and extremely easy to work with.

Jeremy Morris

We were extremely happy with our agent. Garett Chadney went above and beyond what was expected ofan agent in order to help us sell our home in this tough economic climate. He was professional, efficientand stayed in close contact. The most positive thing Garett did to aid in the sale of our home wascommunicated regularly with us. He found ways to work around us being in other locations and was ableto get our signatures even when we were on the road. We will always recommend Garett Chadney to ourfriends and family in need of a Realtor. We were very impressed with his knowledge and dedication to selling our home.

Daniel Caruthers and Jessy Poole

In 2011, after attempting to sell our home in the Portland area for nearly 30 months, and after numerous price reductions, we received an offer that resulted in a significant short sale situation. Out Realtor quickly realized that in order to negotiate the maze of issues and paperwork involved with the lender, the buyer, the appraiser and others, someone well-versed in short sale procedures was needed. That was when we met Garett and realized that he was the person with the knowledge and ability to help us through this most difficult of times. Without a doubt, Garett’s expertise in working with the lender on our behalf was the key to us being able to close as quickly as we did. Stories are rampant about how difficult lenders are relative to short sales. We now know those stories have merit. We also know Garett was able to negotiate on our behalf not only the final price, but also the parameters for payments and perhaps most important, effecting closing ina little less than 90 days. Anyone considering a short sale, or involved in the process, would benefit greatly by utilizing Garett’s services.

Donald & Nancee Weiss

Garett was the second Realtor we dealt with in the search for our first home. When I invited Garett to be our Realtor, I let him know it would be a challenge after everything that happened with the last person. After all was said and done, we ended up in a wonderful home a lot quicker than I had ever thought possible and the whole time I had no question that Garett had our best interests at heart. He was as involved as I needed him to be. I even called him after we bought the home to ask a question and he washappy to help. I would definitely recommend Garett to any friends or family and we will be contacting him again when we are ready to sell this home and find a new one.

Rachel & Terrence Paschal

I really enjoyed working with Garett. He understood my chaotic life. When I needed to call, I could call. When I needed to email, he emailed. When we had to get together to sign papers, he met me at McDonald’s so my kids could play while he and I talked. He also really listened to me when I told him what I was looking for, then he found it. From beginning to end, he earned his place as my forever Realtor.

Meredith Settlemier

Several years ago, Garett helped me sell my house and purchase the one I wanted. The experience was great! I was given a good idea of what my house was worth on the current market and a suggestion of things to do to improve my chances of getting it sold. If memory serves correctly, it took two weeks and one open house to have two offers on the house and I ended up selling it for almost the full asking price. Garett helped me negotiate a good price and great terms on a house I had found that I wanted to purchase and never attempted to steer me towards a house of his own choosing or listed by him or his company. I was treated fair and very happy with the way he conducted himself. Garett is professional and helpful. I will definitely use him again on my next house.

Chris Leach

Garett Chadney was referred to us by a friend back in 2004. He was able to make us very elated clients by selling our existing home and finding our new one. Both my husband and I were rather selective and very particular on what type of home we wanted to invest in. Garett worked with us on a truly professionallevel. He was able to find us what we were looking for and went beyond that extra mile to make it complete. He always displayed a demeanor of integrity and reliance towards us. We have referred Garett to our family and friends over the years and will continue to do so. It is a great feeling to know you can have confidence in Garett as he is an expert in his field. When it is time for our next real estate investment, Garett will again give us the honor.

Carol & Mark Engle

I have already told three people about you. You were up front and honest with no promises but with your market knowledge came a marketing plan. The plan was solid and worked brilliantly. You were always well dressed, punctual and responded to all our questions. My wife loves the new home and is making progress in her health recovery. Your passion for helping others is top drawer!

Steve & Teri Brown