About Me

c7747-a54My tagline is "Real. Simple. Real Estate." for a reason - that's exactly how it should be. Let's not over complicate this. When I get together with clients, whether it's for the first time or I have known them for years, I want to know what makes them happy - what makes them enjoy life. It could be their family, their career, what they do for fun. The point is, all these things make up who they are - and that helps me find them just the right home. I have personally bought and sold lots of homes over the 25+ years I have been a REALTOR® and even though I'm a broker, I still get a little nervous and ask myself if I'm doing the right thing. This is something that nearly all home sellers and buyers go through during a transaction so I know exactly how you feel. My job is to communicate regularly with you to ensure that all your questions are answered and any fears you have are alleviated. As a result of over two decades in the business as well as my involvement in state and local REALTOR® association leadership, I have built a lot of great relationships in the real estate industry. That means that other agents want to work with me on transactions and that is a big bonus for you. Wouldn't you rather work with someone you know, like and trust? We all do. It's human nature.

10 Things Very Few People Know About Me:

  • Lived in India for nearly three months as a child and had amazing experiences that will stay with me until I am old and gray
  • Have had three near-death experiences but came out unscathed
  • Collected sports cards, matchbooks, bottle caps and stamps while growing up (still have the sports cards)
  • Have tried out for both Jeopardy! and The Apprentice
  • Was once a private investigator
  • I am OCD about things inside cabinets and drawers
  • Sang as both Paul Simon and Elvis on a cruise ship in front of thousands of people
  • My nickname growing up was Moose
  • I can make killer Bouef Bourguignon (a la Julia Childs) but my wife doesn’t like it
  • Found the love of my life on Match.com